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Are you looking for a long-term investment strategy that can help you build wealth over time? Look no further than the buy and hold strategy in real estate investing. By holding onto properties for the long-term, you can generate passive income, build equity, and take advantage of tax benefits that can help you maximize your returns. In this post, we will explore how the buy and hold strategy can help you build wealth over time and why it is an effective investment strategy for those looking to invest in real estate.   If you are starting out in real estate...

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House Hacking In this post, I will explain one of the easiest real estate investing strategies to get started with. It is also one of the cheapest ways with low to no capital needed at all to start. I have personal experience with this strategy myself and I will lay out how you can do this to help get you started on your real estate investing career. If you are starting out in real estate investing or just thinking about it and would like to learn more check out my Ebook here!               What is it?: House hacking is renting...

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